How do I remove unused URL’s from google search results

This is a very common problem for all websites nowadays. If you check site: on the google search engine you find so many URLs comes in search result which is either not on website or is unuseful. For this, you have to remove it from the search result. To remove a particular URL (for example, the page of your own web site from Google’s index, there are 2 choices available:

Use NOINDEX robots meta-element with the particular pages

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” />

This code is pasted in the <head> area

This is option 1 which you can use to remove the url from search result.

Use the Google Search Console

Log into the Google Search Console and choose your property in old version webmaster

Click on “Google index” and the “Remove urls”

Then manually paste urls that you need not to index on search result.


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