SEO ranking factor : What stops a New website from ranking?

Read This blog like you are reading comments. This is like an answer of your question. These are the some of the SEO ranking factors that every SEO person should focus.

● Well defined short title with targeting keyword. We can also use question based keywords which will help you to optimize the title for “people also asked”.

● Short description should contain the answer or the information agaisnt the title.

● H1 should again contain the targeted keyword or againg the question based keyword which we have used in the title.

● Other headlines can also contain various other similar question based keyword or the secondary keyowrds and then the content should contain the answers for that question based keyword amor the information regarding to those secondary keywords used in headlines.

● Density of the keywords should be 2-3% prominence can be 40-50%. First pharagraph should contain the keyword or if possible try to start the pharagraph with the keyword and few sentences with the keyword.

● Give a high DA outbound link from your page. Tip if you don’t want to give the outbound link to anyone give it to wikipedia if the topic is available on wikipedia.

● Images should be optimized with keyword.

● Post video’s related to content.

If we target highly competitive keywords at the beginning, the website may not rank well initially. I think if we try to target keywords with less competition first and do proper on page and off page, it will be easier for the website to rank quickly.

It depends a lot on your niche. So much content is added to the internet every second that it becomes difficult for a new website to generate unique content that may make the users to stop and stay. In that case, it’s important that you do a thorough research on the kind of content being shared in your niche and find out what has not been talked about. Talking about the most popular topics may not always be the best idea. Choose something people talk less about in your niche and something people are searching.

New Website ranks more than 6 to 7 month by using best KWS selection and implements other white HAT Techniques like onpage SEO, link building with high DA, PA backlinks and at the end When you reach better position then to start technical SEO. Niche and Keyword selection is the soul of your brandname.

Ranking completely depends on selection of keywords and competitor. If you have tough competitor then working on content is really challenging.

Website structure like category split like silo structure. It’s easy to index webpages in search engines. Internal link building. Properly submit sitemap file and robots


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